Do You Sense That You Are Emotional Detoxing?

emotional detoxing detoxDo you have the sense lately that no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you still seem to be feeling even more emotional and shaky then every before?

Even when on the outside your life might look perfectly normal, or even successful.  That the slightest of things can bring you tears, most usually unexpectedly like in the middle of making the morning coffee, or even when just driving the car, or just sitting in front of the computer.

Like a wave that just comes upon you and all you experience is a just sense of being emotionally overwhelmed.

Well this is not the problem that you think it might be.

Most of us at some point in our life will need to emotionally detox. Meaning that we are human, and due to nature of life we just stay busy, running around doing all the what we need to do to survive, until one day Life says “enough, time for you to stop and let go, and offload accumulated emotions, you can’t keep holding on for ever, so time is now…”.

You don’t even have a say in the matter, life is miraculous in the sense that there is a higher intelligence that is really governing your life, you have the space to evolve. However if we are not listening and actually going with the flow, then life will make you.  A bit like a sense of destiny.  A divine calling beyond your own ideas of what you think you need.

So spontaneously one day you just start to feel lost, fragile, shaky inside, overwhelmed by a sense of something “coming up” from inside.  You cannot “stop” feeling.  It can be uncomfortable, but take heart as this is actually a healing, an opening to change in your life.

To let go and flow to another level.  Evolve as a human being.

Life is always wanting us to change, we cannot stay the same, this is a fact.

However when we trust in the process emotional detoxing when done with love, compassion, and kindness, being very gentle with one’s self and actually realising you are going through a “shift” can bring about profound changes in your life, leading to greater joy and happiness and even a complete lifestyle change.

Underneath those emotions that are releasing is your truth, your next creative expression unfolding to allow you to live your life fully empowered and in alignment with your Soul.

You just may not know what that is yet, however be patient as it is emerging.

This is why a reading session with me can be helpful in these times of transition so you can see more clearly what is your life process and how to best support it.  To put it simply, clarity enables empowerment.  You feel more connected to your process consciously.  Rather than fearing it.

Be courageous enough to share your transition, get support, and be open to help.  You may receive more than you ever dreamed.

Life loves us and is always helping us to go to the next level, we just need to be available, let go and flow with it.
The key is to flow with emotional detoxing, to allow this evolution so you realise there is a purpose unfolding. Emotions when allowed are just energy in motion (e-motion) and we can make this transition with more ease by supporting ourselves through this time.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with you as you may have judged yourself, you are just emotional detoxing, and growing in to your next potential.

It is actually a positive sign of change.  So soften with it, let go of the judgement and just accept.  To feel is to heal.

Take care, be kind and nurture yourself and realise change is upon you.

If you would like to know how to let go more in this process of feeling emotions I have specifically created a free process called “How to Release Negative Emotions”, this will guide you through the process of releasing. Click here to learn more about the process of releasing negative emotions.

May your emotional detoxing be enlightening, empowering and most of all as gentle as possible so your transformation flows with more ease.

You are actually experiencing a shift in consciousness, this is exactly what you need in order to transform your life into greater happiness and joy.

Trust in the process of emotional release.

Thanks for reading.

Kristine x


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