Are You Afraid Of Change?

Are you afraid of change?

are you afraid of life?

photo: Fear by ikrichter, – actress Reese Witherspoon

Many of us just go on doing life.

Day in day out, in the same routine.

We are so busy and so entrenched into our daily routines that we rarely look deeper than the surface to see if what we are actually doing is in alignment with our real authentic flow.

Time to be honest.

How often do you go inside yourself and reflect upon your life and deeply feel if it is connecting or not?

To do this requires honesty, and courage because sometimes what we may end up feeling is uncomfortable particularly if we admit we feel unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent in our lives.

This can also bring up fear as most of us are actually very afraid of change as we have no way of really knowing if change will mean success.

We only have our inner compass to guide us and most of us are not actually listening in the first place, nor do we trust the guidance as it arises particularly if it challenging to digest.

However if we resist change, and stay in situations that do not connect to our heart and soul then we are damaging ourselves by forcing ourselves to stay in a situation that is not supporting us fully.

That is not to say that there won’t be challenges in our life, however the emphasis may be on working through the issues rather than a complete change of lifestyle and most of all not ignoring our inner guidance.

Staying in denial is the root of dis-ease in the first place.

Only you yourself can truly know your path if you listen to your heart and being. That’s right, the emphasis being on listening.

If you are feeling stuck, and unhappy in your life…

If you are feeling stuck, and unhappy in your life, then there is the possibility for you to see clearly your next step which allows for change.

However you will need to take responsibility for yourself and really truly meet your truth with an open heart.

Inside all us, when we are very honest we will see what we are holding onto out of fear, obligation, duty, the conditions that we say to ourselves as to why we cannot be free.

You will be amazed that if you actually sit down and write a list of why you are holding on you will see all the “conditions” of why the situation is what it is.

Again with honesty, if you inquire about the conditions as to why you hold on, you will see that underneath there is actually a fear of facing these issues as most of us are really scared to directly look into our lives.

We believe that if we do then we are no longer able to hide, withdraw and retreat and stay in denial.

Once out in the open the inevitable process of seeing more clearly why your life is the way it is and what is truly stopping you from change is realised.

Deep underneath will be fear, however only when we acknowledge our fear can we then begin to heal and eventually allow change to flow in to our lives organically as it has been fear paralyzing us all along keeping our lives static.

The reason why many of us are quite frustrated is that we just keep holding on and resisting rather than opening and chosing self-enquiry.

This is what is vulnerability.

Opening to life unconditionally and accepting whatever is there.

Comfortable or most of all uncomfortable. It can feel incredibly shaky and fragile to really admit the truth, even if it is just with yourself, let alone others.

Change requires courage.

It means facing your fears and being open to embracing them as well as being open to change.

Fear is a strong energetic experience in our bodies. When we feel fear arise our most basic instinct is to push it away out of a need to survive.

The approaching sense of fear whether real or not often brings with it a sense of loss of control. Which most of us avoid at all costs.

This sense of loss of control, is actually the experience of opening, meaning moving beyond control and really being with the moment as it is.

Therefore there will be no certainty as you have never had this experience before.

It is new, fresh and totally vulnerable. It is just to be experienced.

The joy is too, that you are no longer stuck, and the newness of your experience in itself can be a total relief rather than reliving an unhappy story.

The experience of openness, feels fragile…

The experience of openness, feels fragile, meaning its like being on the edge of a cliff and not sure how the journey is going to end.

That is what really being alive is all about. Not what you think it is.

Control is a survival behaviour, it is not your authentic self.

You will not be able to realise this until you are ready to release your control and just be with life with an open heart available for fresh experiences when you are feeling truly called.

Often we know deep down when its time for a change.

Owning up to that however can takes years for some.

If we avoid life, we are not alive. The sense of control often leaves us feeling very unfulfilled inside.

However if we never lose control we will never see the real truth deep down under the surface of that control and how life is truly flowing of its own accord.

We also won’t see how life is already taking care of you if you just listen and have the courage to feel, let go and flow when you feel truly inspired.

It really does come down to your willingness to be utterly honest in each moment.

If you are not aware of what you are really experiencing then it is up to you to take care of that.

Your unconscious momentary experience is due to a lack of awareness, meaning you have shut down whilst operating on automatic pilot.

You have not really connected to yourself intimately to really ask the probing questions that give you the clarity see what is really going in you, around you, if you are happy or if you are taking unnecessary detours that only cause you pain and suffering.

I cannot express enough to my many clients the profound role that honesty plays in every aspect of your life.

If you expect change to happen whilst in denial and avoidance you will most surely be disappointed.

Change is part of flow.

Flow is part of openness.

Openness is totally connected to honesty.

Honesty means you are no longer holding anything back.

When we no longer hold, then flow happens.

So, do you need any more encouragement to be more honest with yourself?

Particularly if right now your life is uncomfortable and you are looking for answers as to why?

Perhaps you have not been willing to see the truth and have used denial as a way to cope. Coping is not living. Coping often means I am stuck, and unable to move.

This can also be felt as pain, misery and eventually illness in the body in extreme circumstances.

The solution to any sense of confusion is to stop, go within and really listen to what is arising.

Practicing honesty is liberating and often profound when realisations are experienced that help you see more of who you really are, and the encouragement to really go for it.

We often forget to support ourselves in our total authenticity. We find it easier to just fit in so we don’t rock the boat. However this too leads to discontentment and stagnation.

So many people are really feeling the call to change their lives right now.

We are waking up and seeing that our lives are not fully in alignment with our hearts.

I encourage all of you to keep looking, feeling deeper and deeper and have courage to really meet what arises, for when you do your whole life can simply and potentially radically change if it is truly meant to.

Being honest. It is just a matter of simply being who you really are, and no longer pretending.

If you would like more information on how to go deeper then I have a audio product guiding you through the process more fully. In times of change, support can be very beneficial in helping us to see things about ourselves that can be often overlooked. Once unlocked its as if you find the key to so much of your potential, and how to take steps to fully manifest a life that truly authentic to you.

Having the courage to be honest, begins the journey home to freedom and true happiness.

In Gratitude


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