Adyashanti, one of the clearest being I have ever connected with.

He truly brings everything right back to the your core of your being.  If you ever forget who you really are, then Adyashanti will remind you in his ever loving and humorous way, but with such depth and wisdom, the truth becomes so obvious that you can’t help but relax and open back into the light your being and your essence with such compassionate gentle guidance.  If you seek a deeper spiritual understanding that Adyashanti will provide such depth that you will be find that there is nothing left to seek.

He speaks to that part of us that yearns to come back home to the infinite truth.  However he relates this is such a way that everyday life, even the most challenging parts of our existence where we are constantly struggling are covered bringing such light to it, that problems can actually disappear when he shares from a perspective which reminds us that we are always connected to our divine essence, that our Minds are to be loved, but can be easily seen through so we no longer identify with our struggles in the same way.

Adyashanti will turn your world around and you will absolutely feel the shift that comes from opening and being with yourself in a whole new way.

Highly recommended.  From beginners on the path to the advanced spiritual seeker this covers every topic and every moment of life, in simplicity and sincerity that you will come away feeling touched to your core.

Adyashanti also provides free audio on website that you can download – click this to view his library.  Everything is fantastic.  When you are truly struggling and lost, you can truly count on this as you lifeline and life support to get you through those hard time.  So remember you are never alone, and when you feel the need to help go to Adyashanti and remember who you are.

One audio series I would totally recommend is “The End of Your World”.  It is six CDs in total and an amazing guide as to what “awakening” to the truth is really about.  Yes, when we start to see that we are not living our truth and we know we have to start to make changes to come into alignment with our spirit and real truth, then this series will enlighten you as to why this is happening, how it can happen gracefully, how to let go of control and trust, and navigate your way through transformation and ultimately completely letting go of your self (your egoic self) and letting your real light shine through.

Cd Format [amazon asin=1591799457&template=iframe image&chan=default] Book Format[amazon asin=1591797799&template=iframe image&chan=default]

As for a book, “Emptiness Dancing”.  Pure truth, that resonate right through your core.  To awaken the spirit and inspire you to go beyond what you know and into the unknown.  This book can be opened again and again and each time you will read it differently.  The depth is astounding and really in one book you have the whole essence to life and enlightenment.  Going beyond struggle and into the joy of being.  Of course we all yearn for this.

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“There is a saying in Zen, “When the realization is deep, your whole being in dancing”. Fro realization to be complete ti has to hit on three levels – head, heart, and gut.  You can have a very clear, enlightened mind, but your being won’t be dancing.  Then, when you heart starts to open along with the mind, your being start to dance.  Then everything comes alive.  And when your gut opens up, there is that deep, deep, unfathomable stability were that opening, who is you, just died into transparency.   You are dancing – the emptiness is dancing.” – ADYASHANTI.

Here also is a list of his other works… all are excellent although I feel the “cream” of his works if you only had to pick a couple appear above:

[amazon asin=1604070870&template=iframe image&chan=default][amazon asin=1591794676&template=iframe image&chan=default][amazon asin=0971703612&template=iframe image&chan=default][amazon asin=1591792916&template=iframe image&chan=default]

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