A Christmas Reminder To Stay Sane


Christmas is just around the corner, and for most of us that just brings up layers of tension that is enough to make anyone pull their hair out in frustration.

The endless having to please everybody for what seems to be a social convention turned into a capitalist dream can really make it hard to want to love your family and friends when all too much is going on.  Hard on your central nervous and your bank account.

In reality you may in fact love your family, partner and friends, but at these times that might be in question from all the stress we seem to go through making us forget that truth, you know deep down that if they weren’t there you would dearly miss them.

So some tips for staying sane over Christmas:


1.  Do not try to be all things to all people.

Instead give yourself permission to really be in touch with yourself and your real needs.

This means having healthy boundaries.  Remember we are not victims of Christmas.

You do not have to do anything you do not want to do.

It is that simple, stand in your power and be aware of your boundaries and have a victim free Christmas.


2.  Do not buy presents because it is what you have been trained to do. 

Exhausting credit cards will not make you healthy and happy in the end.

In fact after the Merry Christmas can come the almighty crash of worry on how to pay the bills.

So again, don’t over do it.  Be modest, simple and creative.

You do not prove your worth and get love by buying things.

In fact if those around measure you worth by what you buy for them, perhaps it is time to make space for more authentic relationships.

Love can be shown in many ways.  Hugs, smiles, your presence, listening to the ones you love.

Be there in spirit, bring your open heart and recognise your love is more than enough.

Do not bow to societal convention and buckle under the pressure of savvy marketing.

Keep your head and know thy wallet and the true limits on spending you can sustain.


3.  Stop dreading the family get together. 

If you are like many sensitive people other people’s egos at Christmas, with the inclusion of alcohol, bad childhood memories, and unexpressed resentments or lack of agreement on issues can really make it a challenge instead of just enjoying the day for what it is.

Let people be people, you won’t change them.

It is easier to just accept in advance that probably nothing is going to change, and that this year you expect nothing in return.

You don’t need their love, their acknowledgement, their apologies, you don’t need them to know you are right, you just need to “be”.

Then there is no pain in not wanting.  Be realistic.

Christmas is messy and at times very challenging if you are just not willing to let go.

Playing the game of emotional tug of war over the Christmas table well it is not the best way to enjoy your food.

Eat, be and accept what is and what can’t be changed, the outcome will be a stress free Christmas.

Leave when it gets so messy you know it is time to gracefully exit before another may not be able to contain themselves.

Self punishment is not required.  Remember that… staying to deal with issues, only to never resolve them but coming back a year later only to repeat the same story again, and again.

So unhook from stories this year.

Do not entertain judgement on any level.  Yours or theirs!  Story free is a better way to be.


4.  Take a deep breath, and remember nothing is personal.  Continue your self care practice, yes even on Christmas day.

Meditate before you embark your journey, getting really into your own flow, through a loving self care practice.

Be so centered in yourself that absolutely nothing can throw you off.

In other words, master detachment, the true friend of Christmas, let it all wash off of you, rather than sticking to you.

Take a bath, go to the beach, do your yoga, do whatever it is you need to get you through your day, because you may really need it.

Above all, do not abandon your personal practices that help you to center yourself in the time of most need.


5.  Keep your sense of humour. 

When all else fails, understand people behave the way they do literally because they do not know any other way for now.

Realise it, lighten up, see it as a need to mature and grow.

Your humour can come from compassion and understanding.

The most disruptive people are often desparately seeking love.

The journey is that you can open your heart wider than theirs and literally surround them in your love rather than judgement.

Make a joke at Christmas rather than taking in your battle armour, it does get better results.


6.  Don’t get suffocated by Christmas. 

It is in our faces everywhere, people obsess over it.  Again, breathe.

There are no obligations, there is no right way to be.

Recognise space comes from just being yourself.  Do not give in to the pressure.

Stay awake and stay unhooked, and remember the space that is there where you are able to clearly define your needs and boundaries.


7.  Whatever happens, remember it is all evolving. 

You can do no wrong, nor can you do right.  It just is what it is.   Take it easy on yourself and others.  Remember there is always more practice next year, that much is guaranteed.

Remember this, when it all comes down to it, family and the ones you love make your life what it is, an experience.

They give you the priceless memories, whether happy or sad, they give you the fabric for your experience, and within you get to literally experience life, for without, there is no experience.

The experience is what we are here for, and being brave enough to let others into your life is courageous for there are many steps to take and some can be very challenging.

Love yourself for being available to show up no matter what shape for form you heart or mind might be in.

Better to live that than not live at all.

So… give thanks. Be in gratitude. Be as gracious as you can be all things considered and be kind to yourself and others…

May you have an conscious, empowering and compassionate Christmas and safe New Year period.

Sending you all much energy for the journey we go on each year… remember to listen to your intuition and honor your heart and soul.  For you are worthy and deserve all the love you are willing to receive.  Remember you are that powerful.

Merry Conscious Compassionate Empowering Christmas.

Make it your mantra, to wake you when you go to sleep.

Kristine x

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