Free Psychic Reading – February 2012

a free psychic readingI am currently offering a free psychic reading occasionally to my newsletter subscribers.

My Free Psychic Reading January 2012 post went well and I have chosen a commenter to read for. Thank you so much otherwise if you commented and weren’t chosen. I appreciate your taking the time to bare your soul here.

The way this works is this…

Please note that this offer is now closed however you can get a quality professional psychic reading by clicking here.

I will post a post in the free psychic reading category monthly accessible from the top of the page link. If you want a free psychic reading I would love to see everyone comment in the bottom section below to tell me why they feel they need a free psychic reading.

At the end of the month I will choose a commenter and offer them a free reading.

The commenter that is chosen can choose to keep the reading for themselves
or gift it on to another if they feel that is what they want. The sole condition of this free reading is that you subscribe to my newsletters when commenting and that you supply me with a testimonial of your experience of your reading.

So please … fill in the comment section below with why you think you or someone else you know deserves a free reading. Of course you don’t have to go into personal details… just enough to get your point across. Thanks for sharing this opportunity of sharing with me!


In the meantime if you aren’t after a free psychic reading and you would like a professional psychic reading… click here

(Please note that the chosen commenter is expected to give a testimonial as part of their reading)

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