Audio Product – Awakening To The Divine Feminine Guided Meditation

BEYOND TANTRA and into your body you will go deep in this meditation, connecting yourself to all of your feminine essence and your connection to love at your core.

This guided meditation is an advanced practice for women feeling the call to connect at a much deeper level to their body and hearts, including their sexuality and sensuality allowing for greater opening to intimacy and receiving the love we all yearn for.

Highly transformational, the meditation guides you into exploring your body in ways you probably have never even imagined possible:

  • Heal old emotional wounds
  • Feel into your deepest heart
  • Open yourself to your full power
  • Including your most sacred and powerful life force, your sexuality.

Need to know more before you buy? Click here to read my full post on this meditation practice and how it may help you on your true soul path to LOVE.


Right Click “save as” to Download a sample of this mediation by clicking here… 9.5MB mp3 or just click to listen to it in your own browser

guided meditation

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